Scheme of Studies

1- Subject Combination for Islamic Studies.

We provide a general Islamic course, which is affective and easy for the students. Following subjects are included in it:

    Oratory Sessions Thesis Arabic language Understanding Qur’an
  • Ahkam (Laws)
  • Aqaid (Believes)
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Nahjul Balagha


All the subjects will be taught in depth through a semester system


Examination will be taken through Jamiatu Alkauthar Board at the end of each session.

2- Subject Combinations for F.Sc

Compulsory Subjects: (for all groups)

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies/Pakistan Studies

Elective Subjects:

Examination :

Year 2012-2013 (Session Sept 2012- March 2013)

Year 2013-2014 (Session Sept 2013- March 2014)


Group 1: Psychology, Art and Design, Sociology

Business studies :

Group 2: Economics, Arabic, Business Studies


Group 3: Biology, Chemistry , Physics


Group 4: Maths ,Chemistry , Physics


All the Islamic subjects are compulsory. Examination is held through Jamiatu Al-Kauthar Board and diploma certificate is granted at the completion of the course.

1-H.S.S.C Part – 1 and Part 2 examinations are held separately by F.B.I.S.E Islamabad at the end of each academic year. The certificate is, however awarded by the Board on successful completion of the Two year course.

2-Students are required to maintain their attendance and advised to remain punctual.