Rules & Regulations

Students should abide by the rules and regulations regarding punctuality, uniform, class rooms, presence in prayers and living in the hostel. Upon the violation of any rule students will be subjected to a heavy fine and will be dealt with severely, which may even lead to expulsion.

Code of Conduct

(Credit points= 4)
1-Be respectful to your colleagues and hostel staff management
2-Use of foul and abusive language with the fellow students/staff would be taken very seriously
3-Keep your room neat and tidy as it can be inspected by the hostel management without any prior notice.
4-In case of any unacceptable behavior by the room- mate, the other room- mate must report it to the hostel authorities.

Discipline Rules

(Credit points= 15)
1-Take care of hostel property i.e. exercise machine in gymnasium, furniture in hostel room, water cooler, fridge, phones, etc.
2-Put-off all the electric switches while leaving the room.
3-The study period is compulsory for all the residents.
4-Every student is expected to maintain discipline, peace and should respect other`s rights.
5-The resident of room is responsible for any damage. In case of damage or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the student.
6-General damage to the hostel property will be the collective responsibility of all the residents and they will pay and cover its cost.
7-Music, singing, dancing are strictly not allowed.
8-Students are not allowed to keep jewelry, laptop, makeup kits, MP3 , mobile phones and camera.
9-Students are not allowed to stay awake late at nights, students should get up in time in the morning.
10-Students are not allowed to keep Utensils in their room.
11-Room would be locked during college timings.
12-Class attendance would be strictly monitored.
13-Presence of every student in Namaz is compulsory.
14-Students are not allowed to arrange any function or meeting without permission of the concerned authorities.
15-Student should be in complete Hijab in the college premises, on the roof, and when going out of hostel.
16We will help student utmost to protect to you as long as you are on the right side of the law. Do not overstep your limit, help us to help you.

Disciplinary Mandate

1-Students should attend the classes in proper uniform
2-Students should be in class in time late comers would not be allowed to attend the class and hence would be fined for Rs.10
3-Class attendance would be monitored on regular basis therefore students should be concerned about their attendance.
4-Absence without any proper justification and approval will be taken seriously by the admin and will be fined Rs. 100/day.
5-Students are not allowed to sit on the stairs during college timing nor they are allowed to go upstairs to the hostel
6-Students should behave well with their classmates and teachers. Any case of misbehavior would be directly reported to the Principal.
7-Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited.
8-Students should take care of all the college belongings and valuables. In case of any loss or miss-handling a fine of Rs.100 would be charged.
9-Do not litter. It is strictly prohibited. Trash should be properly disposed off.
10Jewelry and use of cosmetics is not allowed.
10-Students should not make noise in the corridors