Frequently Asked Questions.

1Can I just attend academic classes and skip Islamic Courses?
No, it is must for every student to attend Islamic Courses i.e. Quran, Arabic, Beliefs, Ahkam
2Can I bring my Mobile and Laptop at the College Boarding?
Inside the College no gadgets are allowed but just in allocated time.
3How frequently can I talk with my family?
Students can call on allocated days. Students can only make calls on the numbers provided by their parents on authorization form.
4What? If I become sick?
There is clinic inside college and Lady Doctor is available during day and evening time. Medicines will be provided as per doctor`s prescription. Student will be taken to nearest hospital in case of emergency.
5How often can I Visit my home?
The last weekend of every month is long weekend and student is allowed to visit home.
6How can my Parents meet me?
Every Sunday 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. is the meeting time. The authorized person mentioned in the form could meet the student.
7What are the leisure activities at the college?
Trip is arranged on every long weekend. Students go for site seeing, field trips with teachers, etc.
8Can I present gifts to my teachers?
Students are not allowed to give any kind of gifts to teachers and to any staff member individually. However, combine gifts will be allowed after class teacher`s permission.
9What is the method to change the room in boarding?
Written application along valid reason should be submitted to Chief Warden for room change.
10Can I wear makeup after the college time?
Students are not allowed to wear makeup, to use nail polish, to wear transparent, tight cloths.
11If I want to become a day scholar instead of boarder?
You should put up an application to Principal within one month of your admission. However, if you apply after one month only your mess dues will be waived off and you have to submit the full regular fee of a boarder.