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Welcome to Kauthar College for Women (KCW)

Ever green Islamabad happens to be the home for a one of its kind institution with state of the art building and up to date teaching equipments. The significance of Kauthar College for Women is that this unique and outstanding institute offers two types of education; Islamic Sciences and Modern Education (Comprising of F.Sc, O-levels and Hoza) which will be taught in the best possible Islamic  environment and under the supervision of expert teachers.


From Principal’s Desk

Knowledge is light; Allah throws it in the hearts of those He wishes.

This riwaya reveals the true essence of Islam and shows that knowledge is a blessing, gifted by only Allah. Today knowledge has lost its true meaning and is used as a disguise for merchandising, whereas its true meaning is ‘Light’ and i...

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1- Subject Combination for Islamic Studies.

We provide a general Islamic c...

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Purpose Built Campus

The grand campus of KCW is an ideal place that provi...

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Rules and regulation

Students should abide by the rules and regulations regarding punctuality, uniform, class rooms, presence in prayers and living in the hostel. ...

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Admission Open Foundation to IGCSE" & "IGCSE"     &n


Apply for F.Sc Admission April 2016 & Foundation to IGCSE" & "IGC

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